Agrias Phalcidon Fournierae



Agrias Phalcidon Fournierae EXOTIC TARANTULA is a supplier of high quality butterflies, moths and beetles for the Collector, Taxonomist, Artwork or Scientist.  We supply both rare and common species from all parts of the world.

Policies and General Information

All of our insects have been imported legally into Canada including all CITES specimens listed.

All specimens are dead, dried, papered and free of pests ready for rehydrating and mounting.

We sell and ship Worldwide.

 Specimen Offered:

Species:  Agrias phalcidon fournierae form mariettae (Pair)

Locality Collected/Bred:  Amazonas, Brazil.

Quality:  As shown in photograph (close to perfect).

Packaging:  Unmounted (Dried & Papered).

Data Provided:  Yes

Scarcity:  Very Rare Form