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Haplopelma doriae Adult Female (Captive Breed by myself)

A huge burrowing species capable of reaching an adult size of 8 inches in leg span, this is one of Borneo’s earth tiger tarantulas, a jewel to any serious collectors. Like other asian tarantulas, this species is lightning fast and possess stronger venom.

In the wild, they are found deep within the jungles of Borneo. The specimen I came across built its burrow in a rotten tree trunk with moss growing nearby. From my personal observations, slings and young juveniles are sometimes found in tree holes up to a meter high up. However, all adults that I’ve came across are found in burrows on the ground by tree trunks. These burrows are deep and tunnel under tree roots which I believe helps protect its burrow. Other features includes multiple exits in a burrow enabling the tarantula to easily escape should the need arise. This feature has been observed both in the wild and from my personal collections.